Custom quick ranges and showing full integer numbers


There are two quick customizations that I need for Grafana.
I have a dashboard with several panels and I’m able to control them fine.
However, I would like to be able to do the following, perhaps as new entries in the “Quick ranges” menu:

  • A “Full period” option which would set the time range to be from the oldest to the newest data on record in the database (I’m using MySQL).
  • A “Latest” option which would show not the current day but the day of the most recent data.

I’m also looking how to do this:

  • Force numbers on panels (such as the graph’s YY value) to always show up as full integers, without abbreviations? This way, “812 K” would show up as “812 734” which is the full written value.

  • For tables, I would like to see for each column an entry stating the total for that column.
    Ideally, this could be the first line.

Thank you very much.

There are existing feature requests on github for these feature ideas.

Hello Torkel,


Is there any ETA on those feature requests?

How old are they?

I have been looking at the code and they don’t sound that complicated.

I’m curious on how to do the following:

  • After I add to the “Quick range” interface an option to reset the time range to what it was when I opened the dashboard, how do I make it access the original URL parameters?

I assume I’d have to insert a JavaScript mechanism to store the initial URL parameters so they could be used - what source files do you recommend to look at?

  • To set the time range to the most recent data timestamp: again, what sources do you recommend for me to take a look?


  • On my experiments, I was able to add two new time range options under section 1 (second column of the time ranges, above option “Yesterday”). I don’t have much experience with Angular/React yet so I’m not sure: on which source files can I add code to store the URL parameters on page load so that I may change the time range when I click on my new time range options?

  • How can I trigger a data source query so I can retrieve the time stamp of the most recent data on a given table? (using that table for different panels) Thanks a lot.

Thanks again for your help.

As we use Grafana to view not just historical time data, but also future projected data, and it’s gathered in months / weeks, a lot of the default Quick Ranges are taking up unnecessary real estate, and the currently useful options are way down the list now and scroll off the screen, and it would be really useful to allow setup of custom ranges, remove unnecessary ones.

e.g.: in the new Time Picker from 6.4, which has inexplicably made it a looong list, there are ~30 options on here, and most of them are useless for my use case, only the last one, “the year so far” is useful to my users, and the rest .e.g. (“2 years from now”) must be custom-added as links directly onto the dashboard, using the Links (e.g. to add a custom Link). now, allowing custom quick ranges has it’s own problems (for different organisations etc…), and doing it per-dashboard is tedious in the extreme, so what I would propose (and can help develop, if I’ve got some help) is as follows:

Define template Quick Ranges (in a subfolder in Grafana, e.g. /etc/grafana/quickranges, with Default.conf, YearlyProjection.conf etc… etc…), then allow the dashboard to pick a template to use in the General settings, under Time Options.