Custom legend template ignored after upgrading to grafana 10.0.0

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?

Grafana 10.0.1 OSS, Centos 7

  • What are you trying to achieve?

We collect metrics from our server nodes and store them in a Prometheus instance. We use this as a data source in a Grafana dashboard to visualize how full the various disks are for each of our servers.
The dashboard has a table with two columns: one showing the metrics Prometheus has for that node, and one showing the percentage of disk space used.

The first column uses a custom legend to select the values form the metrics we want to display for each node in the list.

  • What happened?

When we upgraded to 10.0.0, the custom legend seems to no longer have any effect on how the metrics are presented. I removed it completely and everything looked exactly the same.

The query looks like this (it has not changed since the dashboard was created months ago):

100 - (node_filesystem_avail_bytes{device!="tmpfs",fstype!="nfs"} / node_filesystem_size_bytes * 100)

The legend is set to:
{{node_name}} ({{node_owner}}) - {{fstype}} – {{disk}}

The result is the same as if we had no legend at all:
{node_name="node_example", node_owner="owner_example", device="/dev/mapper/vgExample-lvExample", fstype="xfs", disk="/disk_example"}

Before the upgrade, the data in that column was formatted according to the legend in the column it applied to, e.g.: node_name(node_owner) - xfs - /disk_example

Has something changed in how the legend needs to be formatted in 10.0.0?