Custom defined intervals

Grafana v8.4.3; self hosted; Windows Server + MySQL.

I have time series data from MySQL which I’m using $__timeGroup() with a custom interval variable. The interval variable is set within the dashboard settings and is configured with the values of ‘1m,1h,1d’.

I would like to get the dashboard configured so if the user is looking at a time range of more than 2 days, it uses an interval range of 1d. If the user is looking at less than 2 days, it shows an interval of 1h. And if the use is looking at less than 12 hours, it shows 1 minute.

I have experimented with the auto option and step count / min interval. I admit I can’t understand what the exact calculation is that it is using but I have tried a variety of options and can’t seem to get it to do what I am looking for. I don’t believe this is the right solution ultimately for what I am trying to do - which is in essence 3 fixed intervals according to specific time ranges.

Any advice appreciated.