Custom DataSource

How to enable customer datasource, like querying from KSQL DB tables/sttreams.

Venkata Madhu

Can share some more details on what you’d like to do? It sounds like you want to add support for a custom data source. If you want to get started developing data source plugins, check out this tutorial: Build a data source plugin.

Hi Marcusolsson, We have changed our plan to use simpod-json-datasource to call the REST API to generate the dashboard.


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Hello friend, which version are you using? I’m trying to use simpod-json-datasource too, but it can not show in the grafana plugin list. I’m, using grafana 6.7.3 with simpod-json-datasource 0.2.0

Initially i was using grafana 6.7.1. It wasn’t showing the simpod-json-datasource plugin after it added. This behaviour was in Linux environment (it was working in windows).

Then i moved to Grafana 6.4.3, i can see the plugin in the list after it added using the plugin command

grafana-cli plugins install grafana-simple-json-datasource

I need to use the newest version… And I can just install the plugin offline.Anyway, thanks a lot.
I try to install Grafana 7.0.1. Found that when I unpack the in /var/lib/grafana/plugins, and rename the directory to simPod-json-datasource, it works.
For Grafana 6.7.3, the directory need to be renamed to SimpleJson to make it appear in the Granfa plugins page.