Current time or time of the last update of a public dashboard

Hello Everyone!
I use OSS Graphana 9.2.1 together with Influx DB version that is higher than 2 (that uses Flux instead of SQL).
I have a publish dashboard that is streaming to a number of kiosks. It shows some gauges and refreshes every 30 seconds.
I’d like to add a simple filed (panel) to this dashboard in order to indicate that a kiosk received the latest data and no freeze is there. I think that it could be a current time received from server or something like a time that is passed from the latest refresh.

Looking into the documentation I found out that a panel with type Singlestat can help me with this. So I’ve added such a plugin (updated) Singlestat to Graphana but later I wasn’t succeed at all.

How can I get the latest refresh or at least the system time from Graphana or Flux and put it into this SInglestat panel.

All the tutorials found over Internet are just about the old and non available Singlestat plugin. So I need some help here with this beast.


Maybe in InfluxDB, run the function system.time() or now() every 5 min. (or whatever interval you want) and post to Grafana in its own panel?

works in Explorer and returns current date/time but I can’t use it in a Panel. It returns error that there is no field to display.

This worked for me. The time shown refreshes at the interval set in Grafana.

It works as a Table but doesn’t as a Singlestat:

I think you will have to accept using the Table visualization if you want to do this. Not sure why Grafana does not want to display the same data in a Stat panel.

Should solve the problem:


how can I use same with elasticsearch datasource?

Welcome @yousafrehman33

I have no experience with Elasticsearch, but Googling says this: