Creating separate columns for time ranges

Hi, I’m new to Grafana and i’m trying to replicate something similar to this.

I want to separate a number of entries into separate buckets based on the time range they were created in. Any help would be really appreciated!

It’s kinda urgent so-

Welcome to the Grafana forum.

From your description, it sounds like you want a Histogram with 5 buckets (< 1 hr, 1-2 hrs, etc.), and that your data come from Elasticsearch.

Have you selected the Histogram visualization and started playing around with that?

Can you show us how your data looks now? Have you written a query to divide it into buckets?

Thnaks for taking the time to respond! I haven’t written a query as yet as i’m a little unfamiliar with what to write to get the buckets of , but while I have used the histogram while exploring, I just wanted to know whether it would be possible to replicate the same buckets in tabular form. I used to use kibana earlier to visualize the table and wanted to know whether the same aggregations would be possible in grafana.

I have 2 values of above 6, and the rest are around 3.99 and so on.

I’ve scoured the net and documentations looking for a way to replicate the buckets, but to no avail. So any help to point me in the right direction would be very, very much appreciated.