Creating Global Variable

Is there any way to create a global variable which can be used by any dashboard. I have several dashboards where variables are repeated and it would be easier to create a single variable which can be used by any.


No - no support for that yet. We did discuss implementing it for 6.0 but it got postponed until after the summer.

FYI this looks like a similar issue to the one below from 2015 so might be worth following that for any updates:

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Hi, is there any update on this? that would be variables that can be shared across dashboards.


Hi, in 8 version, maybe?

Hi, is there any update on this issue? I have the same problem: I am using ONE variable (costs per kwH in Euro) in 30 different dashboards. It is very inefficient to change that one variable in all dashboards, when my yearly energy consumption bill comes and there is a change in the kWh-price.

Anyone has news/updates? Thanks!

What about a global variable for root_url (that is in grafana.ini) ?

This would make it much easier for me to create dashboards which refer to other dashboards in the same Grafana instance, as well as allowing me to setup my dev/staging branch instances to check content before it goes into our prod instance

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We’re looking for the same. Right now we’re considering (ab)using a plugin that’s a custom data source, then populating a dashboard template variable from that data source and using it.

Feels janky though, we’d love for there to be a better way of doing it.