Creating a new datasource plugin for HDF5 or HSDS

I would like to have the opinion of qualified people on the fesability of a data source plugin to allow the use of hdf5 files.
I’m completely new to grafana and I don’t really understand how data source plugins are created. From what I’ve seen, plugins are coded in GO.
If you have any links to tutorials on how to create data sources plugins or if you can tell me the feasibility of such an extension it would be greatly appreciated.


We have a great amount of documentation on how to build Grafana plugins here Get started | Grafana Plugin Tools

I advice you to start following the examples and tutorials, there’s one for frontend datasources and backend datasources that you can use to start working on your plugin.

Regarding the feasibility, in general terms, if you can fetch data from somewhere via an API, you can surely make a plugin to display that data in Grafana :slight_smile:

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