Create sum per day from total value

Hey guys,

first of all my Greetings. First Post, registered today … Hi all :slight_smile: !!
my Problem:

I´ve got a Pellet Heating system in my house and can query most of the stats via REST APi.
I wrote a prometheus exporter and feeded Prometheus with all the value.
Now I can show them in simple Timeseries Visualization in Grafana. But I want to go further, of course, with Grafana, and start with this:

I´ve the total cosumption of pellets from start (house building) as a value and want to show the daily consumption and daily average consumption somewhere.

Several posts are discussing similar problems, but I didn´t find one, that explains it for dummies like me :slight_smile:

Another question would, what you guys suggest for learning to master grafana with some kind of tutorial. Do you have any good sources ?

Many thanks in advance and greetings,


Welcome @wurzelseppi

Why are you pushing the data to prometheus?

Why not hit the api directly from grafana

Hey @yosiasz ,
thanks for your answer(or question in that case :-D)
The feedback of that REST API is rather “special”, and I have to transform some values, before I can show them in graphs. But I guess the main reason is, that I don´t know how I could do that :smiley:

I´ve got some Scripting capabilities, but I´m totally new to Grafana, so I thought that approach prudent for a start …

But I want to learn. You think it´s better to hit the API with Grafana directly and transform the values in Grafana.
What db would be best to persist the metrics … many questions. Perhaps I´d start with that graph to show me that consumption per day … :slight_smile:

Can you post the api result dtandard api result is json but there are many apis that are not