Create graph showing always time between 0:00 and 23:59


i have a mysql table containing exact 24 rows with time/value pairs.
timeformat is defined as ‘hour:00:00’
this table is updated regularly from another table containing all historic measures of interest.
so every row in my table represents the average of all historic data for the specific hour-value of this row.
i try tor create a graph panel to show always the full graph from 0:00 - 23:00 but i’m not successfull.
the best result shows just data with timelabels starting at 0:00 and go up to the current time. so if i open the dashboard around noon, it shows 12 values, called at 23:30 it shows all data…
the graph is not complete as i always want to see all 24 values.
any idea how to get a full loaded graph with a timeline starting 0:00 to 23:00
i’m not able to create a fixed timeline for the x-axis.

this is the result and the query:

any help/suggestions ?

BR, Matthias