Create grafana user without password (oauth usage)

I am using Grafana and i would like to create users in grafana without password.

Indeed, in my use case, my oauth provider doesn’t manage the authorization but only the authentification. I can’t let it create the users directly (by allow_sign_up). So i would like create a user in grafana, and then the user can connect by oauth2. My purpose is to avoid that the user can connect from basic_auth (by password) and Oauth but only Oauth.

So, if i created the user with /api/admin/users API, the password is mandatory.

From UI, i can create users by the “invit” button. No password is requested and then the user can authenticate himself by oauth provider. In this use case, do you know if a password is created automatically when the user is created?

So, do you know if there are other possibilities to create a user without password?

Thanks for your help

Thanks for your question. I also have an oauth provider (currently connected via ldaps) that does not manage authorization, just authentication. When connecting via admin, I am able to search on a user and see all their attributes via the ldap search. Unfortunately it does not search for the user when I create a user manually, as the password is not in the ldap. To date I have use the ldap option. and would at least like to at least have the user come up as ldap, when I invite them in as you do. I wonder if you could share your oauth configuration. My next thought was to somehow configure certificate authentication if oauth does not work.

Annette Brady