Create Calculated Column

First, forgive my complete ignorance…I am new at Grafana and I’m not sure if what I want is even possible. My question is based my experience with Power BI and my presumption that Grafana is similar.

Grafana Ver. 8.1.2

I have two columns, Column1: “%freespace” and Column2: “freeMB”. These columns represent the percentage of free space on a disk and the number of MB free on the disk.

I want to create a math function that generates the total disk space (Column3) based in these two data. In PowerBI, I would use the formula to generate a new column and plot those data…

Pseudo code:
(Col1 + 1)/Col2 = Col3

I’m lost on how to get there with Grafana. If looked at the map function, but I don’t understand enough about syntax and other fundamentals to get anything to work.

I’ve read through some similar questions within the community but none that I’ve found have answers.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @buddyjohns

What datasource are you using. What does your data look like if you view it using the table visualization panel? Or are you not there yet?

You create a new field (column) from a calculation using transformations. They provide many sql-like functions: