Counting (+/-) rows, per day

I am new, so apologies for that. I am happy for direction and I’ll read the docs. But Graphana does so much that finding the right doc can also be challenging…

I want to create a graph showing the number of rows, per day, per ‘type’. I log a row when a type is added or removed, so it needs to show both adds and deletes, separately on the same panel.

The ‘types’ are DB platforms being created and deleted by automation. Each row in my table has a date/time field, a platform type, and an ‘A’ for added/‘D’ for deleted. I want to show 7xPostgreSQL servers created on 1/27 and 3x deleted. Change an input (drop-down) and show the deltas for Oracle, MS-SQL, MariaDB, etc. And I want to have all this work within the timespan option at the top right of the screen.

I don’t want much. :wink: