Count duplicates and unique values

Hey, I am trying to operate on values like amount of duplicates in table, or amount of unique values in table…

So I have a table, or measurement named “users” and it stores just uuid (and time but it’s default).
And I know how many users rejoined (so how many users are duplicates and show these values in table, graph or something like that). The problem is that I have 34 values in table, some of them appear 4 times, some of them just once, and the query doesn’t show anything at all.
Here’s the query I try to run right now:
SELECT COUNT(“count”) AS “0” FROM (SELECT count(“uuid”) FROM “users” WHERE (“uuid” =~ /^uuids/)) WHERE “count” <= 1;
It should show amount of unique users that have never rejoined.
Similar to above query would look the query that should show amount of users that rejoined max 5 times, there is just one condition more ("… AND “count” < 5").

Is there any mistake in these queries? Am I doing something wrong? Because it doesn’t show anything, how can I access these data?