Could not find datasource Error 1615

Hi folks

We see these errors at least once a day from Grafana, triggering alerts. Initially I thought they were all coming from our WorldPing set up (so raintank datasource), but I can confirm we see them from our own hosted metrics datasource as well.

Full error is: Could not fine datasource Error 1615: Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared

We’ve seen them on the following day/times:

12 Jul @ 07:25
11 Jul @ 19:26
11 Jul @ 19:18
11 Jul @ 19:14
11 Jul @ 19:08
10 Jul @ 22:37
9 Jul @ 20:32
9 Jul @ 08:08
8 Jul @ 01:55
7 Jul @ 17:20
6 Jul @ 10:49

There’s then a gap going way back into June.

What’s going on?


Anyone from the Grafana team want to jump in on this?

The primary culprit is definitely on the WorldPing side.

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We get these a log. Has nobody figured this out yet??

We found a solution to solve this issue. I speculate that there are some intermittent connectivity issues which may result in these errors. To avoid annoying flooded false alerts, you can modify the alert config to handle this. See image: