Copy script from the cloud user interface with the browser recorder

Hi there, im starting to use K6 right now and installed it my linux vms on aws,
I just tryng to generate script whit the free billing option and whit 50 vu for 12 minutes it give me ever “aborted” by system: memory error,
the page that im testing have a 3d game on it so it could be heavy,
I decided to copy the script generated on the k6 website and execute it from my vm " t3.medium",

Anyway im wondering if is ok to generate script from the k6 site whit the function" browser recorder" on the page and then use it on my private vm,

or there are others “script sample” or “script generator”?

Thanks in advance

Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to say without seeing your script or relevant parts of it, but in general to keep memory usage down we recommend using discardResponseBodies where possible. So if the script generated by the browser recorder downloads a lot of static assets (images or other game data) where you don’t care about the response body itself, you can edit the exported options object and add discardResponseBodies: true. You can also do this on a per-request basis by setting responseType: 'none', see the documentation. k6 would still download the response as a regular client would do, but it won’t keep the body in memory, reducing your memory usage.

And yes, you can use the script generated by the browser recorder in your private VM or in the k6 Cloud. But I would still suggest going over it manually to ensure it does what you expect it to do, and to add the above option if nothing else.