Converting in numeric number a count_over_time query

Hi team, I am getting crazy with this.
I have the following query:
{job=“xxx”} |= “Fire event [RING] to client” [5s]
And with this I get a graphic table in a Time Series, but I need to get the number not the graphic. I have tried with the sum like this:
{job=“xxx”} |= “Fire event [RING] to client” [5s]
And with STAT dashboard instead of Time Series, but here the system doesn´t give me the correct value it shows me always the same value so I am doing somithing wrong, how can I translate in numbers the values I get with the first query and I see under the TimeSeries dashboard?

Thanks in advance

Not entirely sure what you mean, honestly. The graph is made of numbers, too, you can simply change the graph type from time series to table and you’ll see all the numbers.

Hi, maybe the isse is that I don´t understand how the time series works. I have a log file and I want to know how many times one specific sentece appears. Then I created the first query and with that query I see in a graph the times with a bar, but I would like to get that number with a STAT graphics and I don´t know how to do it, because when I apply the second query it doesn´t work fine. Is it clear now what I want? I hope my explanations now are better. Thanks in advance.

An example query with screenshot would help.

Also try sum( count_over_time( )) together and see if that’s what you are looking for.

I have the logs collected with the query on the file 1. Then I want to know the number of them that happens every 5 seconds (file 2) and now I would like to know that data in numbers (file 3), but on the file 3 the data shows me allways the same value and it changes every x seconds so it doesn´t apply correctly.

The file 3