Convert influx time using transform : not the expected result

I’m trying to use Convert transformation for a time coming from influxDB and results are not as expected.
I used the following transform

I’d expect to get all the line with the value 15-11-2021 or 19-11-2021, but still get raw value from influx.
I read the doc, but can’t find my mistake. can you please help, either to configure this transformation or find a way to achieve my goal that is to say : keep only date part (ie the day-month-year) and not the time for each line of the resultset


You’re correct, the Transformation does not seem to work as intended.

However, you can use an Override with a custom unit (for example, time: YYYY-MM-DD) as shown:



Ok I’ll log a bug and wait for an answer.
I already tried your trick, but :

  • no more succes for me,
  • will it be possible then to aggregate data based on this display transformation ?

Actually, I’ve got two resultset, one to get the difference between two lines (representing the time I want to display) the other with value TV channel, merging the two source will provide me elapsed time / channel then I want to aggregate.

Your idea about GROUP By directly in the query does not apply to my case, since I’m using ELAPSED, which according to Influx Doc does not make sense in that case, but I’ll have a look