Connecting Grafana containers to MySQL HA containers

Greetings , my lovely Grafana community ,

My name is Larry , I’ve been using Grafana for 2 years and I’m very satisfied .

Not so long ago I decided to deploy my metrics-tool on containers to create stability , efficiency and productivity . At the same time I found that there is a MySQL HA chart in GitLab , so my final decision was to use both of them to create a good service for my developers and programmers .

Now I’m using image of Grafana 6.2.2 and MySQL HA chart with image which version is 8.0.16 .

My perfect state is minimum 2 pods of Grafana , that are connected to 1 MySQL master pod , that has 2 more slave pods for creating High Availability in my database cluster and in general in all my Metric Service .

What is my problem ?

When I set the URL for database field in default.ini of Grafana :

url = mysql://:@:3306/

Grafana is connected to the master directly and it works pretty good until this pod falls , it leads to falling of Grafana because she can’t switch to other pods .

url = mysql://:@:3306/

Grafana is connected to the service of MySQL , but I can’t log in . My slaves are showing “Database corruption”.

My question is :

Do you have any ideas how to configure my Grafana / MySQL to make Grafana connecting to the slave if the master is down .

Thank you a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

url = mysql://user:password@masterPodName:3306/databasename

url = mysql://user:password@mysqlServiceName:3306/databasename