Connect to Oracle DB Content without Enterprise for PoC

we are doing our first steps with grafana on prem.
The first insides seems to be great and interesting, for more tests we need an oracle db connection. Yes, this is an enterprise feature. The only one we need, but let´s buy some enterprise. Sadly there is a lot of money needed, which is just to much for a PoC and first steps.
If we could proof the values and show them, stakeholder will give us funding. But without any showcase this is too much.

Long story short told: is there any possibility to get oracle data in grafana, maybe with an unsupported way? That would be sufficient for first steps and later on, we could switch to enterprise with proof.
Thanks in advance.


Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @grafanatestcase

Have you contacted Grafana and asked for a trial license?

To purchase or obtain a trial license contact the Grafana Labs Sales Team.

Hey Matt,
thank you for your reply.
Yes, I have. They could offer me in best case two weeks.
We have a huge PoC, I ask for a one year license or anything else to check it.
Maybe a half year… But no way, they said that I should use open source version and search at the internet how to solve oracle without enterprise licensing.
I offered to pay a small fee for it, to be correct licensed and to grow with grafana.
They said the same → open source and google a solution.

To be honest, it is the first manufacturer who don´t want be part of growing use cases and tell me as a customer to cheat before I pay for it…


Another possibility would be cloud, that would be cheaper.
But we are talking about high secure environments. If I tell my CEO that I would like to open up them to cloud services he will kick me :slight_smile: