Configuring Grafana with mysql


I’m configuring grafana with mysql but in the start the following error is generated.

t=2017-12-13T16:13:37-0300 lvl=eror msg=“Fail to initialize orm engine” logger=sqlstore error=“Sqlstore::Migration failed err: dial tcp: lookup grafanacl on read udp> i/o timeout\n”

My configuration below.

# You can configure the database connection by specifying type, host, name, user and password
# as seperate properties or as on string using the url propertie.

# Either "mysql", "postgres" or "sqlite3", it's your choice
type = mysql
;host =
;name = grafana_cl
;user = grafanacl
# If the password contains # or ; you have to wrap it with trippel quotes. Ex """#password;"""
;password = 

# Use either URL or the previous fields to configure the database
# Example: mysql://user:secret@host:port/database
url = mysql://grafanacl:XXXXXXXX@

# Either "memory", "file", "redis", "mysql", "postgres", default is "file"
provider = mysql

# Provider config options
# memory: not have any config yet
# file: session dir path, is relative to grafana data_path
# redis: config like redis server e.g. `addr=,pool_size=100,db=grafana`
# mysql: go-sql-driver/mysql dsn config string, e.g. `user:password@tcp(`
# postgres: user=a password=b host=localhost port=5432 dbname=c sslmode=disable
provider_config = grafanacl:XXXXXX@tcp(

The error is pretty simple. Grafana cannot connect to your mysql db. Either the connection string is incorrect or it is a networking/firewall/proxy problem.

Ok…Thank you very much