Configure the Grafana HTTP API not to respond

I have deployed Grafana Operator.
I want to configure the Grafana HTTP API (https://<route_name>/api/user/auth-tokens) not to respond.
How can I configure this?

Could anyone help me?
This is what I want to achieve.

  • grafana(v7.2.0) in openshift-monitoring
    When I access https://<openshift-monitoring-grafana-route_name>/api/user/auth-tokens,
    it’s response is empty.

  • grafana(v7.1.1) in grafana-operator

When I access https://<grafana-operaotr-route_name>/api/user/auth-tokens,
it’s response has “clientIP”.

I want to make response from https://<grafana-operaotr-route_name>/api/user/auth-tokens to be empty.
How can I set configuration?

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