CONFIGURATION to start with Grafana dashboard

I have grafana started… but it is not navigating to my grafana dashboard… need help on cofiguration

did you open grafana in web browser (default port 3000) and login (default admin/admin)

You have to open a web browser yourself

In the video it shows that a grafana home page is opened … Is that by itself???
It would be good if dot down what to type in THIS ACCOUNT field…

After cloudwatch datasource added I am getting message as “datasource added with red triangle”. Please refer attached screenshot for the same. Why we are getting red triagle?

After this when i check CPU utilization through dashboard (download from graphana site) then getting below error. Here we selected CPUUtilization as metrics and instance id of the instance that i want to monitor.
"Templating init failed Metric request error"

Kindly help for the same.