Color table cell threw dashboard variable

Grafana 10 version

Hi all,
I will try to explain my problem in detail.

I have a table overview of software pipelines.
Column 1 is the software name
Column 2 is a state of my build environment (e.g. success, failed, running)
Column 3 is the time duration how long the pipeline ran (in ms)

Per default I colored the cell of the duration (column 3) red if it is taking more than 10 minutes.
Now we want to provide this dashboard as well to another team, which build other software and this pipelines takes longer. Of course they want to have another threshold to color the cell red.

My idea was to add a variable with 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes (key value pair) to have it somehow dynamically. And the other team can save the url with the different value.

But inside the edit panel ui I can just enter numbers (+/- or e) as threshold and not a dashboard variable ('${duration_threshold})

I tried it as well with the article from torkelo Feature request: Accept variables in the grid thresholds levels · Issue #922 · grafana/grafana · GitHub but it doesn’t fit for my part.

Is it really not realistic to set a threshold over a variable? Any ideas?