Collect metrics from many distant LANs

Under Debian 11, in my LAN, I have set up a local GRAFANA server v9.3.6 that primarily uses Prometheus v2.42 to monitor servers and equipment in my company, and everything is working fine.
Now, I would like to be able to monitor the IT infrastructures of my company’s clients located in distant LANs (from WAN for me), without having to use a site-to-site VPN or reverse proxy.
My question is: How can I retrieve metrics from remote clients (with around ten machines for each client, and being able to identify each machine for each source) so that my Prometheus can collect them?

A hosted solution where the logs are pushed to a centralized or cloud location

Then copy those logs over to your

Or go full on cloud grafana and prometheus?


Perhaps you can use PushProx to get the metric from other network, as long both side can see in the http/https port as follow:


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