Change Home Dashboard

I tried to change the homepage of Grafana but I can’t save the changes.
also, I tried to add a new home dashboard but it didn’t appear in the select box

Please advice.

PS: how can I change the dashboard json file as a workaround?

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You have to star the dashboard you want to be your home dashboard.

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I am not sure about how to start the dashboard, but I have many dashboards on my Grafana.

Please let me know.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

but still i am seeing it as my default home one.

you have to create new dashboard then mark it as a favorite then go to references and select the created dashboard

cool thanks got it.Do you know can we change background of grafana dashboard?

you can change the theme to black or white

How do I do this programatically? I’ve changed the home dash, starred it and selected in preferences, but can’t see where this dashboard json is saved on the file-system, how to star or where the preference is saved.

All dashboards are stored in a database, per default sqlite. Use the API to change preferences programatically.

Can we select a different Dashboard as home during graphana provisioning?

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Currently you cannot use provisioning for select the home dashboard. You have to use the API to set the selected home dashboard.


Is there a way to set the default dashboard with a curl api request during the grafana start from Dockerfile?

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Hello, can I set preference globally for all user.
I want to change home dashboard globally and not just for my user. any way ?

You can use the API and change home dashboard for an organization:

Or via the UI (org preferences) of course


I have a question:
I tried to set my grafana home page, so i need to see dashbord page there, how can i do

Notes: I know how we display only one dashboard but not all of them

Thanks a lot for your help

How can i set this API in order to select serveral Dashboards

I mean where can we setting it!!

Thanks a lot

Hello @mefraimsson . Do you have any planned date for provisioning home dashboard? Thanks you for the information about how to do it via API.

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FYI provisioning default dashboard is now possible via the grafana config file. Check the [dashboards] section.

Basically you create your default home dashboard, save the json file. When you deploy new grafana you deploy that json file alongside and point to it using the dashboards > default_home_dashboard_path property in grafana.ini.