Change display name for math expression

Im running grafana 10, and trying to show series to rows in a table, I have created a math expression to show it in percentage.(Screenshot 1)
My issue:
Is there any way to change the expression name in the table, so the displayed name aint J{aggretedBy=…} (ScreenShot2)



Hope you can help :slight_smile:

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Look for the transformation called organize fields, this should allow you to rename them

Thanks for the reply, but that changes the colom name, and not the metric renaming.

That looks like json data being returned, there is another transformation called extract fields, try that to split the json into columns

Its not JSON, its the math expression in screenshot 1, its the calculation from that field that are shown. i would just like to rename it to something more specific, like on the other queries where i do aliasSub

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