Chained queries (mixed datasources) in the same panel


Working with the latest version of Grafana (8.4.6), I’m trying to use the result of a query to build a second query (from a different Datasource) on the same panel. I can’t manage to make this work. Is this functionality available ?

For the context, I have a timeseries database with my measurements (let’s say CO2 measurement) and somes location tag (eg. room and building number). I would like to query the measurements, and use the location tag to query on another database to retrieve more information about the location (eg. room name, room surface, room occupancy, …)

Thanks for the help :wink:

Might want to look at this

Thanks for the tip but I don’t understand how url variable and datalink would help me in this case :thinking:

The idea is in one panel to use the result of Query A (influx) in Query B (infinity / http request). So query B will depend on the result of query A and must be executed sequentially: A->B

Thanks again !