Centralized Dashboard

Hello Evrybody,

I am newbie to this great solution of monitoring which provide an efficient dashboard

so we have some network devices like switch “cisco” and “HP” so we need to have a dashboad in reel time about cpu ram and flash cunsumption and if it possible the connected ports and their information like VLAN TAG

in other side we need also to monitor the counter,stats of cartridge of each network printer

is this query possible to have information through grafana ?

Yes, it’s possible…

You can use Prometheus to store the data from prometheus-snmp-exporter.
The hardest part is how to mapping the proper SNMP OID to the snmp.yaml of the exporter.
As my experience, each device, even different firmware, may be have different SNMP OID, such as cisco and HP have different SNMP OID for CPU, RAM dan disk. You need to know the OID from the snmpwalk result and search the proper OID.
You can use Free Mib Browser Online to search the OID for the device.
After you understand what you want, you can manually put the OID into the snmp.yaml for each module.
For network device is the standard config, you can use if_mib module, because it’s same for all devices, but only for network interface.
Since you have complete configuration, just run the snmp_exporter then you can scrape it from Prometheus.