Capture 4 Golden Metrics on Prometheus and k6

Looking for a Grafana dashboard, that shows the 4 Golden metrics of a test using the k6 tool.

I referred this dashboard but it misses some metrics.

help me to develop a PromQL query to capture the 4 Golden metrics

Hey @gerardlj,
mostly of the metrics required by the 4 Golden metrics concept are there.

Can you clarify which metrics specifically you are missing, please?

Hi @codebien

The dashboard is looks Awesome. And I come across few issues while using

  1. The data not loading by default for existing data and the real-time data, unless i changed the $__rate_interval to 3m or something.

  2. I’m new to the 4 Golden metrics, and I refer the below diagram as a reference. Compare with this the queries implemented on the dashboard need to finetune

Please guide me or tell me the best practices to resolve the 1st challenge. And if the dashboard golden metrics correct plz confirm I’ll use that. O/w let me know the fine tunes if any.

Hey @gerardlj,

Can you post the steps you are running, they should be not the case when you reach the dashboard by clicking on the test run id from the list view.

They are mostly intended to be used on your server-side so it is expected to measure your SUT. On k6 side, the RED method should be used. It is very similar to what the 4Golden checks, with the differences being service-oriented and do not track saturation. The dashboard already tracks all the RED metrics.

Some articles that might help you:

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When i use the “$__rate_interval” No data results

sum(irate(k6_http_reqs_total[$__rate_interval])) I’m not get the data

But when i use the “5m” i’m getting the results.


How to fix it ???