Can't graph top X ratings from InfluxDB

So, I am having a problem getting VMPerf-To-Graphite to work with Grafana

First off, I am sending my graphite data from that script to Influx with the template defined as:
“vmperf.* .group.vm.measurement” so I think i am getting tags correctly (they work everywhere i expect them to work.

My Influx query at the command line gets me the results I am looking for:

SELECT top(“value”,vm,5) from CPU where time > now() - 5m

time                    top               vm
- -- --                      ---                --
<some epoch>       100               virtualmachine1
<some epoch>       100               virtualmachine2
<some epoch>       99                virtualmachine3
<some epoch>       99                virtualmachine4
<some epoch>       99                virtualmachine5

but when i try and graph that query in grafana without a group by, I get things in the legend like:

CPU.vm (no data) Max: 100 Min: 99

so if i add a group by vm to the query, I get all 600 of my VMs and their values returned, and if I change the query to:
SELECT vm,top(“value”,5) from CPU where time > now() - 5m
the same thing happens…

What am I doing wrong?


Please see this issue. Right now the only way is to use the table panel I think to get your virtualmachine tag value in a column together with it’s highest value.