Can't create an alert, as it wants me to make alert folder, but don't see option, 8.5.13

I am trying to make my first alert, using 8.5.13, and it shows that folder and group are required. But if I click on the folder drop down it shows “no options found” What am I missing?

Should I submit a bug report for this?

Hi @forceconstant,

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So this might be a known issue in version 8.5.x (or maybe a permission issue on the dashboard folder) as while using ver. 9.x it seems to be working fine for me.

A workaround would be to create a new dashboard folder e.g. Alert-Folder by going inside Grafana → Dashboard → New Dashboard and then name it.

Once done, try to refresh and create the rule again. Hopefully, it will pick it up.

Thanks that got me able to fix it. I had to create a new folder, as the General default wasn’t working. But the new folder allows me to select it in the Alert panel. Thanks.

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