Cannot save alerting rule changes when alert is created through the API

Grafana Version 9.0.3

I am using the alerting API with Python to create MySQL alerts: grafana/api/v1/provisioning/alert-rules
which is working fine.

But, if I try to use the UI to make a quick change to the alert query, it does not allow me to save the changes. It appears that it saves successfully, but when I go back into the alert the query is still the same as what I created with the API.

Is there a way I can quickly modify alert queries in the UI for alerts that have been created via the API?

I got the same problem with Grafana version 9.1.0.
After updating some alert rules with the Grafana API i’m unable to modify them with the UI.

They are tagged has “Provisioned” and i get this :

This alert rule cannot be edited through the UI

This alert rule has been provisioned, that means it was created by config. Please contact your server admin to update this alert rule.

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I upgraded and am having the same issue

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Seems like it’s a wanted behavior :confused:.