Cannot query any glue metrics from aws cloudwatch


I’m using grafana to monitor my aws data pipelines. I added cloudwatch as datasource and created a few dashboards monitoring aws lambda, s3, etc… But when I want to create dashboards for glue job, there is always no data at all. Also, under dimension JobName, there isn’t any drop down job names for me to choose.

Any help is appreciated.



Yes came here to say the same thing. I don’t see any Glue metrics in Grafana at all

Same here. I tested the metrics in Cloudwatch and I see the data, but graph is empty in Grafana 7.0.3.
I confirm that others are working fine, e.g. EC2 cpu usage.
If it helps, one example of the metric returning no data:

“metrics”: [
[ “Glue”, “glue.ALL.system.cpuSystemLoad”, “Type”, “gauge”, “JobRunId”, “ALL”, “JobName”, “xxxx” ]
“view”: “timeSeries”,
“stacked”: false,
“region”: “eu-west-2”,
“stat”: “Sum”,
“period”: 300

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anyone found a solution for this issue? facing same problem, no data showing in the Grafana dashboard for AWS/Glue metrics