Cannot parse json with "maxDuration" setup


I’ve been trying to set “maxDuration” for my options scenarios, but I keep getting errors running k6

json: unknown field "maxDuration"

Here is my options

export const options = {
  insecureSkipTLSVerify: true,
  scenarios: {
    test_scenario: {
      executor: "constant-arrival-rate",
      timeUnit: "1s",
      preAllocatedVUs: 100,
      maxVUs: 16000,
      duration: "1m",
      rate: 100,
      exec: "GetRandom",
      startTime: "0m",
      maxDuration: "1m",
  summaryTrendStats: [

Hello @babydragon , welcome to the community forum!

There is no maxDuration option for the constant-arrival-rate executor. See the documentation: Constant arrival rate