Can you create hyperlink-like behavior in Slack alert Subject?

In my Contact Point, I have the following for the alert subject:

{{ define "alert_subject" }}
        {{ if eq .Status "firing" }}
                {{ .Labels.node_name }} Load Alert
        {{ end }}
        {{ if eq .Status "resolved" }}
                {{ .Labels.node_name }} OK
        {{ end }}
{{ end }}

It shows the correct text, but the link takes me to the https://<grafana_url>/graph/alerting/list screen in Grafana. Is there any way to change the URL of the link to be the .PanelURL instead? I have been unable to find this information.

Can you confirm: are you using the new Grafana Alerting platform (first released in Grafana 8) or the legacy alerting platform? I should note that the legacy platform is no longer actively developed:

and grafana version?

I am using the new Alert Manager in Grafana 8.3.5.

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I figured it out. In order for the links to show up, I needed to add the Dashboard UID and Panel ID in the Alert Rule. Now I can show them using the .DashboardURL and .PanelURL template variables.

And I went ahead and upgraded to Grafana 9.1.2.