Can we restrict number user to login into grafana

I want to restrict number of users to restricted from login into grafana. Only 4 users can access grafana at a time not more then that.

please suggest

You might be able to use the session quota ini setting

Thanks for your reply!

Issue is when number of grafana user increases then it memory consumption also increases. When analyze further, we found number of httpd process were high and users were logged in to grafana.
So can we restrict number of grafana user.

Is that a problem with your Apache configuration (guessing that you have some sort of proxy in front of Grafana)?

How many users are logging in and what sort of memory consumption are you seeing?

Here is scenario we have observed:
10 concurrent users logged in to grafana with minimum data pulling and 30Sec refresh interval.
We have seen memory consumption increased by 700MB, also observed increased in load averages.

Query is how to limit number of concurrent user logged into grafana?
Also is there any way to find how many users are logged into grafana?

That sounds like something is very wrong in your environment. 700MB for 10 users is not something we have seen with Grafana. Is your Apache server releasing connections?

I agree with daniellee, it sounds like something is not right with your setup. We currently have nginx in front of our grafana but used to have httpd and we have hundreds of concurrent users logged in. In fact up until a couple weeks ago, our grafana was on two small vms (database is on a separate cluster). The server itself doesn’t do a ton of work. Most of the work is done client side.

I tried to limit the MaxClient = 5 in prefork.conf for httpd but did not work. After 5 login in grafana it suddenly prompt for authentication and current password did not work when we enter.

To give picture

collectd >>carbon + graphite >>grafana. We are using whisper DB to store data.

Also tried maxconn =5 in haproxy but did not work,

I’m not an expert on Apache unfortunately. There do seem to be a lot of questions and answers on the stack exchange sites about httpd memory usage. Maybe it is worth asking there?