Can users authenticated with Grafana Authproxy coexist with normal Grafana accounts?


I set up Apache in front of grafana, and try to use grafana AuthProxy to allow both Apache user and normal grafana users to use grafana together. It basically works. Apache users can login with https://XXX.XXX.XXX, and normal users can use http://XXX.XXX.XXX:3000/login, but the current issue is from links on our dashboard.

We can only use “Xttp://XXX” or " Xttp://XXX:3000/"… as prefix of these links, correct? So they can not work for both user groups together? I get the login page for Apache user group when I click links which are set to " Xttp://xxx:3000/xx", vice verse. Any workaround? or suggestion?

ps: it’s not allowed to include more than 2 “links” in a post, so X is for H, in Xttp


I don’t think you can use both AuthProxy and allow for normal login via Grafanas native login screen. But I may be wrong.

For your links to work through a proxy I think you need to configure the root url for Grafana, see documentation which in your case would be set to http://localhost/.