Can not access the Session Cookie of my API

Hi there,

For the Authentication with my API, I need to send a jwt to a specific URL, which sends back a session cookie, that I have to put into the header of every single Get/Post request, that I send to the API. I wanted to save the session cookie in a variable, so that I can access it for every request. The problem is, that Grafana apparently doesn’t let me access the cookie, which is sent in the header of the API response. I tried using the “result parsing options” like this: “result.headers[“set-cookie”]”, but I think it can only access the body of the response.
I don’t really know how the cookie handling of Grafana works, if I make these API calls in a JS Script inside VSCode using Axios, I can access and store the cookie no problem.

Does someone know, how I could be able to access and store the cookie in Grafana?
Thanks for your help!
I am using Grafana Cloud with the Infinity Plug-in to make the API calls.

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For security reasons, infinity plugin doesn’t propagate the response headers. So this is not possible at the moment.