Calendar in Grafana?

Hello everyone… I have a Grafana v9.2.0 in docker making queries to a mysql to get certain information and show it in graphs. What I would like to do is for the user to be able to select a date range to show certain information, for example that a Start_Date field appeared on the panel above and show a calendar and then End_Date and show a calendar and when selecting that it is shown in the I graph the info.
If I put the sql query directly in raw in the panel in question, it shows me the data, but the idea is that the date is entered by the user depending on when he wants to see the information, for example from 07-01-2022 to 07- 31-2022.
Can this be done in Grafana, perhaps by adding variables in the options or with a plugin or in some way?



You can use the date ranges provided by grafana itself and use the selected dates in the mysql query