Calculate working week / hours

I’m wanting to show the amount of working weeks / days a value represents. so, a working week is 5 days, a working day is 8 hours.

is this possible ?

Can you show an example calculation with numbers? What’s the relationship between the a value and working days?


1h = 3600s
8h = 3600s x 8 = 1d
5d = 3600s x 8 x 5 = 1w

so, if I had one record with 3600s, the chart should say "1 hour"
if I have 9 records each of 1h, then it should be “1 day, 1 hour”

basically a working day is 8h (not 24), a working week is 5d (of 8h each) not 7 etc

There are units for time (see the Axes tab) that automatically do similar calculations for the y-axis but there isn’t anything for working week.

How do you want to visualize this? Sounds like the SingleStat panel - you just want one value for selected time period.

This is quite advanced to do in a query (you do not say which data source you are using) but might be possible depending on which database you are using. For example, it might be possible in an sql query but it would be complicated.