Calculate ml/h to ml


I am searching an opportunity to get the amount of something. I have ml/h and want to get the sum of ml over time. Like I have km/h and want the distance after 3 hours of driving.

I tried Integral, but it didn’t work. Then I tried sum and some other possibilities, but they didn’t work neither.

Please provide a bit more info on what you are trying to do: Grafana version, data source, query…

Also please tell us whether the ml/h measurements are being made on a regular
basis (once per second, once per minute, etc), since if they are not, it makes
the calculation significantly more tricky.


I would change the query of the database,

this example is in german, but there is a count for emails / day and summerized at the end cumulative.
In your case i would build an avg grouped by timestamp and calculate the cumulative for the avg.
How to implements depends on your database.

Thankyou all!
i am working with grafan v6.7.3, the measurements are being made on a regular
basis (every 5 seconds), but sometimes, there is no data.