Calculate days between time series and today

Hi all,

I have a data series that includes the time in seconds:

I want to:

  1. use the most-recent captured data point
  2. THEN subtract the time()
  3. THEN divide by 86400 (to get number of days)
  4. THEN display the number of days

I can get (1) and (2) working, but I’m not sure how to add additional expressions to my query for (3). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Query inspector currently set to:

Expr: date_expiry - time()
Step: 20s

Hi @gavinmckay,

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I am still early in testing but this looks like it is working for me to get the number of days in a time window.

declare @numdays INTEGER
set @numdays = DateDIFF(day, $__timeFrom(),$__timeTo())