Calculate a sum across all buckets

Is it possible to calculate a sum across all buckets as described here?:

I want to display a graph that shows the change of the total sum of a field.

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I also tried to apply some Sibling Pipeline Aggregations similar to Sum Bucket Aggregation on Grafana Dashboard with Elasticsearch as Datasource.

I am not able find any set of instructions or ways to do a Sibling Pipeline Aggregation in Grafana similar to what we can do in Kibana Visualization.

I see that there are some pipeline aggregations like Moving avg, Derivative are available in Grafana but those are Parent Pipeline Aggregation.

For reference please see below screen shots to see what sibling and parent pipeline aggregations I found in Kibana and Grafana

Grafana - Parent Pipeline Aggregations

  1. Moving Avg
  2. Derivative

Kibana - Parent Pipeline Aggregation


Kibana - Sibling Pipeline Aggregation


I am not able find a way to apply such Sibling Pipeline Aggregation in Grafana with Elasticsearch Datasource.

Does Grafana support Sibling Pipeline Aggregations?

If Yes, Please provide some documents or examples which can be referred to do so.
If No, Please add such feature is Grafana as it is really required and very useful feature to generate production level useful Graphs and Data Tables in Dashboards.

It’s simply not implemented in grafana yet. You can create a feature request (or even better a pull request) on github.

is there any eventual news about this subject like it will be added in the upcoming updates ?
is it yet not possible to do sibling aggregations in Grafana or there’s a trick to do it ?
Thanks in advance.