Big Problems with developing a React plugin

Hello I came to a list of problems while trying to develop a React plugin following the video from the GrafanaCon and using the tutorial + the code examples you have in Github.
Many of the props do not correspond to the props used in the video/code, also couple of other errors:

  • PanelEditorProps: onOptionChange instead of onChange,
  • PanelProps: data instead of panelData which receives series (not timeSeries)
  • timeSeries and processTimeSeries do not exist or I cannot find their declaration
  • onInterpolate is also not a prop of the PanelProps
  • Gauge and Bar Gauge do not have a specified theme which leads to error: Cannot load colors of undefined, if I try to use them inside of a panel or opening one of the suggested panels without previously clicking on a suggestion with a theme.
  • module.tsx works with export const plugin, it does not work with reactPanel.

I work with Grafana - 6.2.3 and @grafana/ui 6.3.0-alpha.1

hi, im experiencing the same thing. have you got some workarounds for these issues? thanks.