Bearer token Authorization header

Hi all, I am using grafana windows under windows iis subdomain. grafana is running in port 3000 of iis server under subdomain “grafana”.

I am trying to use XHR with AUTHORIZATION Bearer token. but it always returns HTML with 404 instead of the dashboards. the same authorization bearer token is used on a “browser extension” (i use “modify header value” extn in FF) and it returns the page correctly rendered. The browser returns valid grafanabootdata correctly, but my XHR calls do not.

my setup is using CORS (tested correct as my logs returns 200 OK on OPTIONS) and Reverse proxy in IIS (tested correct as the returned pages are all 200 OK). however, I also used POSTER/POSTMAN to send request dashboard to grafana with AUTHORIZATION header added and nothing else (same as browser) it returns 200 OK but the HTML data grafanabootdata is empty user=""

i used this format to retrieve dashboard:{subdomain in iis}/d/{Dasboard uid}/{dashboard name}?orgId={org number}

that works on my browser with extension to add authorization bearer header. my token is also valid as it works on the browser. XHR and POSTER/POSTMAN doesn’t work even though responses all are 200 OK. I am testing only within our network for now.

is there some config in grafana i should be aware of?

why is browser ok with that url format, but poster/postman and XHR isn’t? i also found out, if i grab the valid browser page source and put it in a file .html and open that file, i get the 404 error instead of dashboard. the same with the poster/postman and XHR error i get eventhough the browser page has correct grafanabootdata.

the nearest (maybe identical) to what i hope to accomplish is here:
(from tpetrovic, which i also posted this there for him to see)

impt grafana settings:

protocol = http
http_addr =
http_port = 3000
domain = %(protocol)s://%(http_addr)s:%(http_port)s
root_url = %(protocol)s://%(http_addr)s:%(http_port)s

my end goal is to grab the dashboard html and put it in my own mvc built page within a div tag (or embed, object. iframe)