Bar guage Labels

Apologies, for the question as I think this is a query issue not a platform issue. I’m trying to use bar gauges to display win percentages of users. The table reports correctly but when I try to convert to a graph it uses the table header as the bar gauge labels not the individual entries. In other words, I’m trying to have the individual names as the label for each bar instead of the header for the table.


Thank you

All my bar gauges I write like this (but Format as Time series) so you could try that way? So change the Format as to Time series and then something like:

select now() as time, p.PlayerName as metric, avg(md.winner) as value
from/joins ...
where $__timeFilter(some_datetime_field_from_table)
other where clauses...
group by metric
order by metric

This will change what is shown based on the chosen dashboard date/time filter, but if you don’t want or need that then obviously remove the datetime where clause.

And in your case your current group by p.playerID is what you want to keep rather than metric.