Bar charts from multiple series, show smaller values in front of larger valuers

I know its possible to set the z-index of a series in front or behind another, but I’m curious if its possible to show bars so that the smaller value is always in front of the larger one. At the moment, larger bars are obscuring the smaller bars for the same time slot, and I don’t see a way of offsetting each bar to make it possible to see the smaller value if it happens to fall behind the larger one.

The bars represent durations, each starting from the time slot (latency in processing).

It’s not appropriate to put them on different axis, because the scale must be identical AND dynamic (so no max range for the axis).

I’ve tried sorting the individual result sets, and combing the series into one via a SQL union, but don’t seem to be able to get it to deviate from showing the one series in front of the other according to either z-index or order of queries.

The closest i can get is to have one series as bars, and one series as staircase, filled lines, although the staircase then removes the distinction between each ‘bar’, giving a solid appearance which is less pleasing/clear.