Azure Deveops pipeline reports every k6 test iteration as error

i have a azure devops pipeline where the k6 test is run with a locally installed version k6 in the pipeline agent. When the pipeline is run, could see that the every iteration by the VUs is being reported as error in the pipeline.

is there any way to avoid reporting these as errors ?


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Are you using the azure-pipelines-extension available in the marketplace (k6 Load Testing - Visual Studio Marketplace) or a custom job that you’ve put together yourself?

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i have set up a remote windows desktop in the cloud where k6 is installed (

The pipeline logs into that machine and runs the test.

I added --quiet as command line options to run the test in pipeline. Not sure if this will be suppress the actual erros that happens in the test run which is reported by fail

hmm k6 emits logs to stderr and maybe something (powershell?) considers anything outputted to stderr as an error? you should be able to redirect the stderr to stdout - about Redirection - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn

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