AWS VPN traffic SUM

[EDIT: the more I think about this, it probably shouldn’t be a graph at all, instead, a “Stat” panel with a number value… :thinking:]

Hello! I’m currently using the AWS VPN Grafana graph (ID 2969). It currently shows the AVG. I duplicated the panel and switched the stats from Average to Sum, but a little confused which values to show/hide for the SUMs. I think obviously I want to turn off Min and Avg, but if I leave on Max and Current, I’m just confused which one I should keep. If I’m trying to go for the SUM, I’m thinking the only value I leave on is Current? I’m a little confused about how the Current value is derived. (??)

I am trying to create the SUM graph to see how much we’re going over the free 1 GB/month that AWS allows.

Also, MANY thanks to MonitoringArtist for your many helpful graphs!!

Hi @dborchert ,

Perhaps this isn’t suitable for your needs, but there is an AWS Billing Dashboard for Grafana that is free and very popular. It might give you a lot of functionality out of the box, and plenty to alert on :+1:

Thanks @mattabrams. Unfortunately I’m running Grafana 6.6.2 and the dashboard you mentioned requires 7.4.1. I’m about 7-8 months new to Grafana / Prometheus, and we use Ansible playbooks to deploy any new changes, so I’m still trying to get a grasp on how that all works. I really want to upgrade Grafana, so I need to figure out how to do it via Ansible (and make sure nothing breaks after I do so). Appreciate the reply though!

I hear that the Ansible-Grafana community collection is pretty great. I’ve been wanting to try and build some playbooks


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I hear ya. I just purchased an Ansible course on Udemy and can’t wait to get started! Hard to learn how it all works just by looking at code all day.

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